Sawatdii (Hello) and Welcome

To House Of Attilius

In today’s world we have overlooked the importance aligning our heart, mind, spirit, and breath by utilizing both internal and external arts. We have also lost in part what it means to respect one another, which is why we start our sessions with a respectful bow, as it acknowledges that the person standing before us is the most important person in that moment. 

As we ground ourselves in the present, we become more aware of not only ourselves, but our surroundings and others. It is in this moment where life and changes begin to unfold for us.

Here at House of Attilius our approach to training and teaching from a holistic standpoint utilizing Martial Arts (Muay Thai, Muay Boran), Qigong, Meditation, as well as some other Traditional Chinese Medicine methods to explore ourselves and our surroundings with the overall end goal awareness, enlightenment and consciousness.

We would be happy to host you at the “House” and inspire you to explore yourself and this unique journey with us so you can learn more about these ancient cultures and implementing their teachings into your present way of living.

“Our goal for House of Attilius is to have it remain a beacon of knowledge and growth, evolving with the times in order to positively support and impact generations to come.”


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