Centuries ago in the roman gladiator era, a commoner named Marcus Attilius sold himself into a gladiator school to pay for debts he a accrued in his life. In the end, he wound up becoming one of the top gladiators of his day by building his solid “House” (Foundation *basics* + Walls *skill work*+ Roof *mindset*)

That mindset and structure is what House of Attilius was built on; Overcoming all obstacles in life to allow for the greatest success a person can push themselves to achieve.


I, Erick Rook, am the owner and head coach. I started House of Attilius back in 2014 with a purpose of redesigning what is the current typical path put forth by the fitness industry.

I’ve been involved within the industry in one form or another for 25 years.

What the House symbolizes is a return back to the basic foundations of health and wellness which will help maintain and improve the basic functions that our human machine requires to deal with Pain, Breathing, Movement, and Mobility.

My certifications include ISSA (International Sports Sciences Assoc.), BioForce Conditioning Coach, and Weight Management and Hydration Specialist (Lockhart & Leith). My studies and research into all areas are always ongoing as well, as the industry is constantly changing.

My desire is to look ahead at where we are headed as a collective group and to help people prepare their minds and body with the very foundations that we’ve largely forgotten.

-ERICK ROOK, Conditioning Coach 

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