The Story House Of Attilius & It's Founder Erick Rook

History records show that centuries ago, during the roman gladiator era, a commoner named Marcus Attilius chose to enter himself as a free man into a gladiator school to pay for the debts he accrued. It was here that he learned the 3 principles of building his “house”…..

  • Foundation = The Spirit
  • Walls = The Body
  • Roof = The Mind

Applying these principles, Marcus Attilius went on to become one of the top gladiators of his time. His victories around the year of 75AD are inscribed onto the walls in Pompeii.

These same gladiator-like principles are the applied philosophy at the House of Attilius…

…a person can push themselves to achieve and overcome life’s obstacles resulting in great success.

The House symbolizes a return to the basic foundations of health and wellness. Thus, helping to maintain and improve your basic functions required to deal with pain, breathing, movement, and mobility.

We all have a mind, body, and spirit that can be healed and retrained- no matter what the cause of "destruction" to those may have been. Everything offered under the House of Attilius name has helped transform my life in one way, shape, or form over the years. And all of those tools aid in my continuous growth to this day, as well as moving forward into the future. In sharing my knowledge I hope that it will resonate with you, empowering you to motivate and transform your mind, body, spirit, and life.

Erick's Story

I was an overly creative and sensitive kid who struggled growing up with being confident in myself and my abilities. I fought regularly with being put down and basically being told I couldn’t or wouldn’t succeed at whatever I put my mind to. All of this created a self-image of insecurity and internal anger struggles. 

In my mid-20’s I wound up in counseling to help curb and eliminate my anger issues, and self destructive tendencies which stemmed from the above. This helped me understand the source.

Yet, it wasn’t until I was unexpectedly introduced into the spiritual world and meditation that my life began to change.

It was from this point on in my mid 20’s that I began to learn how to open myself up more mindfully. This began to help me immensely, allowing myself to access a deeper side of myself. 

As this new path unfolded, I experienced my first psychic reading. While I admit I was very skeptical at first, I was left with a very different opinion after.

This proved to be another huge step in igniting my self exploration to a whole other level. It allowed me to see the layers of life stripped away and presented in an entirely different light. 

Fast forwarding through the years of utilizing the tools I had discovered to better myself, it was my first overseas trip to a place that was not on my travel radar that “activated” me (a process of spirit activation) for the first time: Thailand.  This activation would help me discover more of my special gifts and strengthen my desire to use them in service.  It allowed me to open my senses more to experience the most out of my life. 

It was also while in Thailand that I became exposed to another experience that I never thought would become something that I would embrace and fall in love with.

Muay Thai.

Thus, upon my return to the states I sought out Muay Thai training.

Muay Thai ended up helping me further strengthen and bolster my self-confidence. This experience was due to a mix of things: my then coach who instilled a level a confidence in me that tore down the residual issues in that department (which I was still dealing with from time to time); the rigors of training;  and then my first combative tournament. 

With the tournament I set out to prove to myself, win or lose, that I could accomplish overcoming the odds. That as a child of mental abuse who was still struggling with those residual negative naysayer voices from the past, that I could use that experience to silence them.

My continuation of evolving and growing presented me to my next discovery. 


Out of 5000+ forms of Qigong, I discovered one that spoke to me. The five Animal Dynamic System.

Experiencing a deeper learning about the fascia, meridians, and practicing regularly I began to feel the benefits and deeper understanding grow and take hold. A whole new level was added to heighten my mind, body, and spirit.

Eventually, I was able to merge both arts that I had grown to love:

Qigong, Muay Thai and Mindfulness Meditation into the Attilius Training System.

My goal and desire with my coaching is to help people become more enlightened through the methods I have discovered throughout the years. To guide them through the chaos of life and onto a stronger path towards dominating their mind, body, spirit while igniting and fueling that positive fire within, letting it rage.


My credentials & certifications include:

My interests, studies and research into fitness and wellness are ongoing due to the ever changing industry.