The Story Of Attilius

History records show that centuries ago, during the roman gladiator era, a commoner named Marcus Attilius chose to enter himself as a free man into a gladiator school to pay for the debts he accrued. It was here that he learned the 3 principles of building a house…..

Foundation = basics

Walls = skills

Roof = mindset

Applying these principles, Marcus Attilius went on to become one of the top gladiators of his time. His victories around the year of 75AD are inscribed onto the walls in Pompeii.

These same gladiator-like principles are the applied philosophy at the House of Attilius…

…a person can push themselves to achieve and overcome life’s obstacles resulting in great success.

The House symbolizes a return to the basic foundations of health and wellness. Thus, helping to maintain and improve your basic functions required to deal with pain, breathing, movement, and mobility.

True Victory Is Victory Over Oneself

When we set out to achieve our goals, rarely is there ever a perfect, uninterrupted straight line to achieve the success we seek. We will always encounter challenges along the way. These challenges will test us and make us want to quit.  

The meaning and mantra of True Victory Is Victory Over Oneself will help us power through the challenges of life. Allowing us along the way to have a clear vision of our accomplishments. Well also retain a new arsenal of experience and knowledge to help ourselves and others as well.

My Story

Hello! My name is Erick Rook – I am the owner, personal trainer and coach at House of Attilius. I have been involved in fitness and wellness for 25 years. I founded the concept for House of Attilius in 2014 with the intention to redesign the typical training mindset being put forth in the fitness industry. The concept became a reality when I opened my gym in Goodyear AZ in 2019.

My credentials & certifications include:

*ISSA (International Sports Sciences Assoc)

*BioForce Conditioning Coach Certification Course

*Weight Management and Hydration Specialist (Lockhart & Leith)

My interests, studies and research into fitness and wellness are ongoing due to the ever changing industry. My desire is to see where we are headed as a collective. Helping people prepare their mind and body with the very foundations that weve largely forgotten.

We all have a mind and body that can be trained. Everything offered under Attilius has helped transform my life in one way shape or form over the years. In sharing this knowledge I hope that it will resonate with you, through motivation and transformation of  your life. 

Erick was born in 1973. 

He struggled growing up with being confident in himself and his abilities. He fought with being put down and basicallybeing told he could’t succeed at this or that. All of this created a self-image of insecurity and internal anger struggles. 

In his mid-20’s he wound up in counseling for anger issues, and self destructive tendencies. While this helped him understand the source of all of it, he was introduced to the spiritual world and meditation.

It was from this point that he opened up more mindfully. This began to help him immensely, teaching him how to get in touch with a deeper side of himself. 

As this new path continued, he encountered his first psychic encounter. This proved to be another huge step in catapulting his exploration into a whole other level, leading him to see life in a whole different light. 

Fast forward through years of strengthening himself through meditation, etc., it was his first overseas trip to Thailand that “activated: him spiritually, triggering him to seek out more experiences that would further benefit and increase development of his mind, body, and spirit. 

Upon returning to the states he sought out Muay Thai training after being exposed to this Art for the first time in Thailand. Muay Thai ended up helping him further strengthen and bolster his self-confidence. It was during this time that he also took his first tournament fight as a another way to boost his self-confidence. Win or lose, he wanted to prove to himself that he could accomplish something extreme that maybe 1% of the population could, and that a child of mental abuse who was still struggling with those negative naysayer voices, could use this as a vehicle to silence some of them from his collective memory. 

His discovery of Qigong became the next journey that presented itself on his path. With 5000 different forms of Qigong created  over 3000 years, one can overwhelmed in finding a system for them. He found that the 5 Animal Dynamic System to be the one that best resonated with him and his program goals.

With learning about the fascia, meridians, and practicing regularly he began to feel the benefits grow and take hold.  

Eventually through trial and error, he was able to discover a way to merge  his two favorite practices of Qigong and Muay Thai (Fury & Ice) into a powerful and beneficial spiritual awakening flow. 

In the end, Erick wants to help people become more enlightened through the methods he has discovered. Putting them on a stronger path towards dominating their mind, body, spirit. 

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