About Erick Rook and House of Attilius

History records show that centuries ago, during the roman gladiator era, a commoner named Marcus Attilius chose to enter himself as a free man into a gladiator school to pay for the debts he accrued. It was here that he learned the 3 principles of building his "house"….. Foundation = The Spirit Walls = The Body Roof = The Mind Applying these principles, Marcus Attilius went on to become one of the top gladiators of his time. His victories around the year of 75AD are inscribed onto the walls in Pompeii. These same gladiator-like principles are the applied philosophy at the House of Attilius… ...a person can push themselves to achieve and overcome life's obstacles resulting in great success. The House symbolizes a return to the basic foundations of health and wellness. Thus, helping to maintain and improve your basic functions required to deal with pain, breathing, movement, and mobility.

"I help guide you towards unlocking an improved and better physicality and awareness.; your True Victory." - Erick Rook

I was born in 1973 in Madison, Wisconsin. 

I did not begin my Martial arts (Muay Thai) and Qigong journey until later in life, 2014, but I started taking my a deeper look at discovering Meditation and learning its practice in my mid to late 20’s.

I was a shy and reserved kid growing up, of which some of that provided confidence issues throughout my years. Muay Thai training had a huge impact on helping with that particular issue, albeit later in life. Thus, my love for Muay Thai extends beyond just what one would see on the surface. 

Qigong I actually had not heard of until around 2014 when I stumbled across an article. This article focused on a strength coach at Cal Poly university who utilized a form of Qigong with his football players, of which he had positive results from. After discovering this article I researched a bit deeper and discovered Qigong forms that best resonated with me and began my practice from there.

Buddhism has also has become more of a reflection of who I am and representation of my beliefs on my current journey. I don’t focus on just one tenant of Buddhism though. I find that various tenants offer different guidance that can apply to my life, my journey, so I take bits and pieces from each to help strengthen my House. 

I have an immense passion for helping people, and my goal is to build House of Attilius into a beacon of light for generations to come, for those who are seeking an alternative means to transforming and healing. 

What do you want for yourself?

Ask, “What do I want for myself?” …while you may have a difficult time accurately deciphering your answer, realize that those answers are dependent on achieving clarity through guidance; guidance which I can help with. Allow me to be a catalyst to help you navigate your way through the use of ancient arts designed to stimulate your mind and body and watch your clarity flourish. Now that I’ve accompanied you to my door, I welcome you take your next step inside where you will be closer to achieving your True Victory.

My credentials & certifications include:

My interests, studies and research into fitness and wellness are ongoing due to the ever changing industry.