What is Muay Thai

Thailand's capital was located at Sukhothai from around 1781 to 1951. Inscriptions in stone columns indicated that the city fought with it's neighbors quite frequently . Due to this the city had instilled in their soldiers, knowledge and skills concerning the not only the use of swords and spears, but also how to use their body as a weapon in person to person combat. Those skills they developed were the weapons utilized in the Art today: kicking, punching, kneeing, and elbowing.

Muay Thai, also known as the Art of 8 Limbs, is often considered a brutal ballet. While it can be, one only needs to look past that to see the sheer beauty in performing the various movements.

I do however recommend exposing yourself to the current day fighting side of it to help you in receiving a fuller and more complete picture of the journey you going to start embarking on. Keep in mind that it doesn’t mean you have to get kicked or hit to experience what the art has to offer. Its not necessary in the world I’m creating.

Our fitness and conditioning levels, from both a mental and physical standpoint is what the overall focus will be on. This will allow us to tap into the innate harmony and energy of our bodies, in order spearhead transforming our minds and bodies in a nonviolent way.

Muay Thai students (or a Nak Muay- one who practices the Art of Muay Thai) have reported an increase in energy, concentration and confidence through the practice of Muay Thai. You’ll find that my fusing Muay Thai techniques with Qigong, will bring you into a whole new world of benefits with dedicated practice and an open mind.


To experience “Fury & Ice: Alessia”, follow this link to begin your journey into a new path towards TRUE VICTORY! (Link coming soon).

Side Note: Don’t expect to perfect and understand everything right away. As you keep studying , you will slowly see improvements and gain an understanding.