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Five Interview Questions

Meet Alyscenne, a single mother from Texas who works full time and incorporates fitness into her life for health and balance.

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  1. How would you describe yourself?

Ha!  Energetic, passionate for life, experiences and people!   

2. What led you to discover your passion for fitness, competitions, and training others?

I’ve literally been training since I was 6 years old.  It started with my Dad and a stop watch. He would time me as I sprinted around the outside of the house over and over trying to beat my time.  For me that was “FUN” so you could say I was born with it, but I had parents that helped foster my love of competition. As I’ve gotten older, I have realized that so many people lose themselves in the hustle and bustle of life, taking care of others and working and have forgotten to think and care about themselves.  I know first hand that just taking a small amount of time to work on yourself by working out, can relieve stress and also make one feel better in general about life. I love helping people to find their energy again, to look forward to working out and just being there when they reach their goals. If you aren’t here to make those around you better, why are you even here? 😉

3. What has been one of your biggest accomplishments to date? What made the impact of this experience resonate with you?  

Hmmm.  Is it odd that I don’t even think about this?  It may be somewhat non-related to fitness but being able to meet people all over the U.S. because of fitness/races caused it to be a huge success.  

Before moving to Texas, I found out that there was a local school that had many students without necessities, living out of hotels and in situations where they just didn’t have what any child should.  My mother was a substitute that this school and I asked her if she would speak to the guidance counselor so that when the holidays came we could donate to these families. She was able to obtain Christmas lists for about 7 families from both the children and their care takers.  Using social media, I posted the Christmas lists asking for help to help purchase each item on the Christmas lists and make these families SMILE. It was crazy, I had people that lived across the country that I had met at spartan races, locals, and even some people I had never met that donated.  Presents were coming in from everywhere and we were able to fulfill every single request plus some. For me, that was the best Christmas ever and thanks to fitness/sports and the amount of people I have met, it was all a huge success.

4. What is a story of yours that you don’t get to tell often enough?

Two years ago I was diagnosed with a condition where the doctors told me to never work out again, to stop anything high impact and take up something like Thai Chi if I was deadset on doing something.  After my diagnosis, I decided “screw that”, kept working out (just smarter) and obtained my NASM Certification to become a personal trainer. Many still don’t know the issues I deal with daily, but when I have clients with issues, or run into people in general that have a “woe is me” mentality, I try and use my personal experience to help change their mindset.  Hence my hashtag you always see #NeverGiveUp

5. Looking back at your past, and reviewing your present, what do you plan to visualize for your future?

I see my fitness passion evolving into something more to where it can become my main endeavor and I can leave the 9-5 behind.  

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