What is Mind-Form?

The mind is the commander of the Qi. The Qi is the army of the mind. If we are the commander without troops, then when it comes time for battle, who would employ us? No matter what we attempt to do, even if our mind is set, if our Qi is insufficient, then it must be that matters cannot succeed. 

Combining external (martial) and internal (energy-mind) with ancient traditional medicine influences- when practiced and applied  correctly, it forms this  complete art to benefit people in a very different and unique way.

This art has the main aim of nurturing Qi as a restorative method. Unite the mind and body through cultivation of Qi and you will attain a higher level of being. If the Qi is sufficient, the body is healthy and the sickness will depart. 

The aspect of martial techniques or self-defense is somewhat a consequence of training and when practiced correctly, the goal is to develop one-self spiritually rather than attain an ability to fight an opponent in combat. Attilius Mind-Form is mainly designed as an internal art that is concerned with life, health, and creativity rather than death, destruction and swelling of the ego, which is so often the focus of most martial training today.

Over time, through dedication and discipline, this art becomes a form of moving meditation, developing an internal awareness of one’s self. It will also have a calming effect on the internal body, helping our physical body reconnect with our mind; something most people have lost in today’s stressful lifestyles. 

Any system that trains only the body remains working only at the physical level. A system which trains the mind and body equally, allows a greater benefit to overall health. 

What are the Characteristics of Attilius Mind-Form?

The movements are simple; the art is easy to learn but hard to master. The art demonstrates speed and power, moving smoothly and directly in the most natural way. When footwork, hands and body are coordinated, the body becomes strong and powerful and is forged by an equally strong will from the mind. 

Some of the techniques utilized are actual self-defense techniques, and when applied correctly the they are effective and dangerous- and can cause external and internal injuries to one’s opponent. For this reason the method of training involves little free sparring and single person or  controlled multi-person exercises and forms to develop technique. 

One cannot pull punches in this style because if they do, it becomes ineffective and no longer demonstrates the true essence of this art.

Why Practice Mind-Form?

Mind-Form is excellent for conditioning your body internally and externally. Your practice will develop balance, coordination, timing and strong muscles. The drilling, twisting, rising and falling actions of the techniques can open the joints and stretch muscles to their full range. This helps increase Qi and blood flow, which nourishes the tissue and benefits overall health. 

Your nervous system is developed through coordination of the heart, eyes, hands and feet during the forms movements. In time, the mind and body combine to move as one. 

The combination of fast and slow movements benefit our organs and cardiovascular system with a naturally increased heart rate which improves circulation and Qi flow throughout the body. All controlled and beneficial, using correct abdominal breathing. As lung capacity is maximized, maximum oxygen intake nourishes the blood and and subsequently the body, allowing for expulsion of carbon dioxide waste product from our body. Abdominal breathing also also maximizes the use of our diaphragm, massaging the organs from within, along with the aid of the physical movements. 

Mind-Form helps connect the mind to the physical body during practice. Intention and sensitivity within the body are developed as it is a mental thought that drives the initiation prior to each movement.  With skill developed over time, we can use our mind to guide our Qi directly to any part of the body required. This can be used for both healing and martial purposes.