True Victory Is Victory Over the Self is an old Samurai maxim, "Masakatsu Agatsu"

The only struggle that exists is between you and yourself.

That struggle between you and your spouse, you and your job, you and other people, you and anything and everything else are nothing more than illusions. 

To make a change involves effort, devotion, commitment, and sacrifice.

Your old self is the one who doesn’t want to change away from your old or current habits that you’re trying to break. 

To achieve True Victory requires constant vigilance to keep your old habits at bay so they no longer can hold you back. 

If you truly want change, growth, passion, achievement, happiness, and VICTORY….then you will need to go through the struggle with your old self in order defeat it and lay it to rest. 

Don't ask yourself if you're up for the challenge!

You ARE up for it! You CAN avoid the illusion of conflict with other people! You CAN commit to defeating your old self!

WHY can you do this? Simple .... YOU are an AMAZING Spirit with endless capabilities!!

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