In reality, Alessia is whomever you view her to be- personality, appearance, etc. For myself within my writer's mind upon creating her she is the daughter I never had.


Alessia is a female that both men and women with an open mind can identify with. She was created to be a vessel for the struggles and victories we experience in our own daily lives. 

Sometimes we willingly accept defeat without putting up a struggle to better ourselves. To let go is an easier path for a mind that lacks the strength to endure the pain of the struggle that will ultimately put us on a better path as we move forward. 

An imperfect path allows us to use what we view as life’s imperfections to push us towards more spiritual growth with enlightenment. 

If the day comes around when we allow ourselves to be dragged down and bottom out, always remember you still have your breath to help get you centered and back on your path towards healing. 

Focusing on something so simple as your breathing will allow you to endure the struggle to rise from the ashes. To learn from and create a new and improved path for ourselves that we may not have thought possible. 

Alessia will help show you the way.