Meditation Beneficial Art

Mindfulness Meditation (seated and moving, as well as breathing) can be the added edge you need to go the extra mile. Very often the difference between reaching your goals and falling short can be a momentary lapse of focus, confidence and/or nerves getting the best of you.

When we are absorbed in the present moment and absorbed in our task, we are at our best. This is often referred to  as “Being in the Zone”.  Mindfulness Meditation  provides us with a practical and proven way to focus, as well as ignore our distracting thoughts or getting consumed in the dreaded “What if?” scenarios.

How much time do you spend training your body, yet you ignore training your mind just as equally?

With our Fury and Ice and Qigong Breathing Mediation programming you can now train your mind and body to perform in a vastly different and beneficial way. You’ll learn how to focus more effectively, worry less, be more present and increase your ability to respond and react quickly.

Also, you’ll learn to awaken your mind, body, and spirit for ultimate health and longevity.

We have combined deep rhythmic animal movements with the art of Muay Thai, and breathing techniques to build your  strong, focused spirit. Sprinkle in our Qigong Breathing Mediation and you’ll have a very powerful arsenal at you feel more alive, in tune, and in harmony with yourself and the universe around you. 



  • Improves your ability to control thoughts, emotions and gives you a competitive edge while helping improve performance
  • Increases the connection between the brain and body, enhancing physical efficiency
  • Helps keep focused, avoiding distractions
  • Helps with managing physical discomfort
  • Reduces mind wandering, improving your ability to stay in the “zone”
  • Helps improve resilience
  • Reduced performance stress
  • Increased recovery time
  • Better endurance
  • Helps you cope and adapt when things are not going to plan, allowing you to get back on track quicker
  • Increases your concentration – Helps you stay focused and be in the zone when you’re operating at your peak
  • Develops control by teaching you how to maintain emotional balance in the heat of the moment
  • Boosting your confidence by learning to get you unstuck from negative thinking patterns- so you can learn to believe and trust in your abilities
  • Commitment – Learn ways to stay connected to and reach your goals, even when it seems everything is falling apart
  • Psychological flexibility – Mindfulness will help you adapt and change to whatever situation you encounter
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