HOUSE OF ATTILIUS Presents: Podcast Episodes

Touching on the QII-TAU program a bit which consists of Muay Thai/Muay Boran, Qigong and Breath work. Connecting the mind, body, spirit, and breath.
A review of where we’re heading and my own shift in this craziness. House of Attilius: House of Attilius Instagram:
I touch upon learning an internal or external (martial) art centuries ago to the way its learned now, with the traditional ways becoming a dying breed. And what we’re missing […]
I wanted to give an overview of my Fury & Ice program, and why I chose to structure it the way I did to help people achieve becoming a more […]
Introducing you to adult performer and holistic healing Jadan Snow, getting a behind the curtain view into her life within the spiritual world, military service, and the adult industry.
A quick review and reveal about my Sedona, Arizona True Victory Wellness Adventure on 8/22.
No interview, just allowing people to get a better idea of who I am/my opinion on things affecting our mindset, etc. I kick this off by diving into Fear of […]
Kory and & had a great interview where he discusses his pro MMA career, his goals within that world, his training, as well as how as how he balances everything, […]
You never know what type of vibe a conversation will unfold with sometimes, you just have to feel it as it unlocks. With talking with Jessie, the energy turned out […]
Dr. Bronwyn, a Naturopathic Physician and I had a fun sit down to discuss her background and the process she takes with those who seek out her help. Health and Covid, […]