HOUSE OF ATTILIUS Presents: Podcast Episodes

I touch upon the homeless issue we are experiencing and my own recent experiences with venturing to a homeless shelter and one anonymous homeless man who caused me to think […]
Discussion surrounds four different truths to identify on your path to healing and why we want to explore each one carefully in order to not only heal ourselves, but the […]
My discussion centers around some of the issues frustrating people in the dating world today and approaches to take to improve those issues. Instagram: house_of_attilius
An insight into Alessia’s 8 book journey through southeast Asia to heal her trauma. Amazon Book Page:
I talk about new beginnings and the choices I made in my life to bring me to this point. The hope is maybe it might inspire someone to do the […]
I touch upon briefly my visit with the Tibetan Monks who have been visiting for about the last month or so. They only come stateside every two years from what […]
Touching on the QII-TAU program a bit which consists of Muay Thai/Muay Boran, Qigong and Breath work. Connecting the mind, body, spirit, and breath.
A review of where we’re heading and my own shift in this craziness. House of Attilius: House of Attilius Instagram:
I touch upon learning an internal or external (martial) art centuries ago to the way its learned now, with the traditional ways becoming a dying breed. And what we’re missing […]
I wanted to give an overview of my Fury & Ice program, and why I chose to structure it the way I did to help people achieve becoming a more […]