Martial discipline. What is it and how can it help better our life?

Mental discipline, forging our warrior spirit. A Muay Thai athlete, or more commonly known as a Nak Muay, is always prepared for combat with their arsenal of elbows, knees, shins, and hands. Yet, with all this mastery, there is one very essential piece of arsenal that is the most important to master: The Warrior Spirit. For most people, this will be the most challenging aspect to master as it is done so with the mind, and the mind can be hard to tame in the beginning.

Developing your mental discipline and forging your warrior spirit from the fire that blazes within means that in the end, you will never give up, never retreat as life unfolds, you will learn to successfully manage your pain, and remain in an imperturbable tranquility in defeat as well as a true victory.

Keep in mind, our goal here at House of Attilius is not to learn how to become a fighter in competition, but to learn how to become a fighter to win against life, through technique.

What is Muay Thai Boran?

Because there is such a deep history going into the Art, I’m going to just give a brief overview for general understanding.

Muay Thai is the predecessor to Muay Boran. Muay Boran was created by a Chinese man who traveled to Thailand and developed it there. Muay Thai (the modern era started in 1929) was born from Muay Boran with some changes, namely ground fighting was eliminated from Muay Thai as was using the head as a weapon.

Muay Thai is now a popular sport, whereas when it started out as Muay Boran it was an art of self-defense used primarily in defending the capital city from other invaders.

Both still use various parts of the body as a weapon, and both result in improvements in discipline, competence and perfect health of both body and mind. (As long as you put in the time and effort).

Modern Day Muay Thai has 8 “weapons”: Elbows, Shins, Knees, Hands.

Muay Boran has 9 “weapons”, all of the Muay Thai arsenal plus using your Head. Along with that Muay Boran also has a ground fighting aspect, where Muay Thai is stand up.

What is behind forging a warrior spirit utilizing Muay Thai Boran?

If you watch practitioners (commonly referred to as a Nak Muay) who train in learning the Art, you’ll notice the mastery that they use to pull off the techniques and science behind the Art. But look a little closer and you will notice their martial attitude being expressed.

Listed below is what you can expect to forge your warrior spirit:

Pain Tolerance

Pain in training and pain in life, both require building a foundation of will power so you can withstand and overcome any obstacles you may face. If we are not prepared, we will buckle to the pain and fall short of our true victory that we so desire to achieve.

Thus, we can never allow ourselves to give up, and retreat when things get too difficult.

Learning Muay Thai Boran teaches you to absorb pain and remain impassive. It’s like you wearing a mask to hide revealing clues to your competition about your physical or emotional state.

A Nak Muay’s objective is simply to eliminate his competition and remove any negative thought that would create a chink in their armor.

Training Technique

If you are learning the Art from the ground up, from technical perspective all Nak Muay practitioners begin to forge their fighting spirit with road work, jogging at low and fast speeds. This is your foundation of your House.

After this, your walls are erected through training of each of the weapons and skills that make up the Art. The training is designed in such a way that the practitioner must never show signs of surrendering and keep his or her actual physical and psychological state under wraps from an opponent who is looking to exploit any weaknesses there.

Once our foundations and walls are set, finally we arrive on putting the roof on: playing with the technique in a live environment and practicing with a partner, coach, or trainer. Any weakness in demonstration will cause your House to fail.


Meditation is a powerful tool to cultivate superior mental power as well as inner energy which will allow you to strengthen the mind and spirit. Whether you stay still in a position for a time, or are performing a meditative movement, over time with consistency you will achieve a state of relaxation, self confidence and feel more superior in the way you carry and present yourself (but not ego based).