Discipline, competence and perfect health of both body and mind are the guaranteed results with regular practice of this ancient and modern discipline
Muay Thai is an art of self-defense that uses various parts of the body, 8 limbs to be exact. It is based on the principle of doing no more than it takes to teach a lesson and can be used as a competitive sport, which widely is what Muay Thai is known for today.

Yet if we take the art back to the old ancient teachings and traditions which stretch back to when it was known as Muay Boran, then a practitioner can obtain long lasting benefits which would go beyond what they would expect.

The aim of using this discipline is not to train you how to fight but using both arts combined to learn the movements and use them within QII-TAU to benefit the mind, body, and spirit through movement. You will learn the art but minus what you would experience in a modern day Muay Thai gym.

Training within the full QII-TAU program focus on natural, integrated movement, along with whole body breathing and the movement of Qi (energy) rather than the external technique itself being a priority.

Muay means Boxing, Thai is Thailand, and Boran means Ancient.

The 8 limbs used for Muay Thai are: Two hands, Two legs (+shins), Two elbows, Two knees. Muay Thai is stand and largely striking based. Muay Boran incorporates those same 8 limbs and adds an additional one, the Head. Muay Boran also incorporates wrestling holds, throws, twisting and joint dislocations, and choke holds.