Attilius Wellness is essentially heart and mind boxing. The heart controls our emotions which in turn fires off the body’s initial responses. Muay Wellness is inspired largely by internal Chinese martial arts, with Muay Thai Boran used as the canvas for the art.

It is an internal art that is concerned with life, health, and creativity- rather than death, destruction and swelling of the self ego with is all to often the focus of modern day martial arts. 

The aim of this system is to teach you to cultivate Qi (energy) through the uniting of the body and mind to attain a higher level of being, or enlightenment and awareness.

The martial aspects of Muay Thai, Muay Boran, is something of a consequence of dedicated training, as the end goal is for you to develop spiritually rather than to obtain an ability to fight an opponent in combat. 

When practiced as outlined, it does form a very unique and effective art.

Disconnection between mind and body, per ancient traditional medicine can potentially lead to illness and premature death.

Through diligent practice, Attilius Wellness will:

  • Help you develop a strong and powerful body.
  • Be able to apply movements in self-defense situations.
  • Along with the other arts intertwined with this training, you will be able to see and feel it become even more devastating in its application.
  • Over time for you, Attilius Wellness will become a form of moving meditation.
  • Help you develop an internal awareness of your ‘self’ which will also have a calming effect on the body internally.
  • Help your body reconnect with the mind. (which is an area where most people nowadays have become lost, largely due to busy, stressful, and technology filled lifestyles).

Learning how to be aware of Qi's existence with the body and in turn how to develop it, significantly benefits the overall health of the practitioner.


Although you may find the movements  simple to look at, some may be easy to learn while others have slightly more of a learning curve. All will take time to master.

Once you are practicing routinely, the movements and techniques:

  • Will become both balanced and flow beautifully.
  • Your speed and power (twisting, drilling energy in both attack and retreat), moving smoothly and directly in a very natural way will be felt and observed. 
  • Your footwork will become instinctively coordinated.
  • Feet to be grounded and solid in order for you to make a stable platform to strike. 
  • Depending on the situation, you will learn to keep your feet equally light and agile. 

When coordinated, the body becomes strong and powerful, forged by an equally strong will from the mind.

In terms of self defense, the Muay Boran / Muay Thai techniques are effective and dangerous, and can cause both external and internal injuries.

While most gyms that teach this art involve large amounts of sparring, Attilius Wellness involves little free sparring and more single person or controlled multi-person exercises and forms to develop its techniques. 

You cannot pull punches in this style because it becomes ineffective and no longer demonstrates the true essence of the art.  

Sedona Muay Thai Meditation Movement


Attilius Wellness is designed for excellent conditioning of the body both internally and externally. Its practice promotes and develops:

  • Balance, timing, coordination, and strength.
  • The involvement of drilling, twisting, rising, and falling actions of the techniques can open the joints and allow muscles to stretch to their full range.
  • This will allow encouragement of increased Qi flow and blood flow, which will nourish the tissues of the body and positively impacts overall health. 
  • The nervous system is developed through coordination of heart, eyes, hands and feet during the forms movements and in turn, over time the mind and body will combine to move together as one. 
  • Attilius Wellness also benefits the organs and the cardiovascular system with the combination of fast and slow movements, serving to naturally increase the heart rate which improves circulation and Qi flow throughout the body in a controlled and very beneficial way. 

Train oneself to apply proper and correct breathing techniques used during training to:

  • Allow lung capacity to be maximized.
  • Maximize lung capacity to allow expulsion of carbon dioxide waste product out of the body.
  • Allow oxygen intake to nourish the blood.
  • Help maximize diaphragm use, which is an action that lends to moving and massaging the organs from within. 

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, an internal massage of the organs leads to an increase in the quality of Qi and allows stagnant Qi to effectively clear from the body.

The process of connecting the mind with the physical body during practice helps develop intention and sensitivity within, as it is a mental thought which drives the initiation before each movement occurs. Over time as skill is developed, you will be able to  guide your Qi directly to any part of the body, via meridians for both healing and martial purposes.

The mind controls the Qi, and the Qi commands the blood.

Most importantly, Attilius Wellness can be practiced in either a gentle or energetic manner, allowing people of all ages to practice. The system can be adapted to all abilities. 


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Author: Erick