These sessions/workshops will be held sporadically, and will require a minimum of 4 people (max is 9)


The hour will be broken down with up to 30 minutes allotted for a mini-workshop in the beginning.

This workshop will be exploring on a smaller scale demonstrating different breathing and movement techniques associated with Qigong and Muay Thai and the how and why behind them.

Fury & Ice Session 

The second half of the hour will run up to 30 minutes of warm-up and Fury & Ice mindfulness meditation practice, whether that be still or moving meditation. 

This session will utilize whatever technique (s) that were explored in the workshop portion. 

Upcoming Event (s) will be listed below as well as the breakdown and cost for each particular event.

Fury & Ice 1 Hour

Session & Workshop
$ 15
One Time Fee
Don't Delay