What is QII-TAU?

Qii-Tau (Pronounced Chee-TAO Qi = energy and TAU = the Greek spelling for Life) is discipline, competence and perfect health of the body, mind, and spirit. 

A pure form in which a practitioner can experience long lasting benefits which are born from ancient traditions and rules of the natural arts.

QII-TAU emphasizes a focus on natural, integrated movement, whole body breathing, as well as the movement of Qi. The goal is to guide the practitioner to actualize the instinctive, hair trigger reactions of the human body in direct, powerful movements. 

QII-TAU also adds in stillness in various forms to help the practitioner  develop an internal awareness of one’s self and a calming effect on the internal body. This leads to helping the physical body reconnect with the mind, which in today’s stressful lifestyles most people have lost. 

What are some of the benefits of QII-TAU?

How is QII-TAU structured?

QII-TAU is structured based on your needs and what your end goal is for yourself. This includes the length of the program and what disciplines will be apart of your healing and growth. 

In keeping with our House design, your program will build you from the ground up: Foundation, Walls, Roof.  Before progressing onto each phase, the previous phase must be solid in your practice, understanding and implementation. If any of the phases are not strong and sturdy, no matter how well you excel at the other phases your House will essentially be weak and begin to crumble.