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There are quite a few different variations of breathing that can be recommended from instructors and google searches. It can cause some confusion when you are starting. My best advice is that in the beginning its best not to accompany or coordinate the exercises with a breathing technique, but just breathe normally.


Rue-Si Datton: The Hermit’s Art of Healing.

Rue-Si Datton or more commonly referred to as Thai Yoga is not really Yoga, but you can get the impression from executing the series of Yoga movements. You will quickly discover though that there is only a small similarity when compared to the more commonly seen and practiced style of Yoga from India. 

As you can execute the moves with just yourself, it is an ideal way for you to stay fit, flexible and healthy. You can also use it as preparation and stretching before or after any other physical activity.  

The full series Rue-Si Datton combines the following actions:

Strength, stretch, breath, balance and meditation , self massage, postural correction, and Thai dance.

All of which makes the bodywork challenging to perform correctly, especially as a seemingly simple 30 minute intense, concentrated and meditative experience workout. 


The first of 18 sequences in this Thai Yoga Rue-Si Datton contains 7 individual exercises and is for relief of tension headaches. Performing this simple movement helps improve your breathing, as well as refresh your mind. You’ll also feel:

Stretching and loosening up of your neck, down to your shoulders, onto your arms, and upper torso. 

Thai Yoga is one of three branches of Traditional Thai Medicine: 1. Traditional Thai Massage (Nuad Bo Rarn); 2. Traditional Thai Massage (Rue-Si Datton); 3. Thai Herbal Medicine. All three form a holistic healing system which heals by facilitating the free flow of energy throughout the body.

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Author: Erick