The adventure is based out in nature, one of the best places to immerse yourself for self-discovery. 

The adventure possibilities will come in the form of hiking in Sedona, or other mountains traveling to Thailand for a wellness retreat, etc.

Blending the adventure with a workshop to help hone our skills and growth is a combination that I believe create a fantastic learning experience. 


The workshop portion will be explored once we’re out in nature a bit. Using nature as a relaxer to get the mind, body, and spirit aligned will assist in heightening the experience of exploring yourself.  

The workshop will be up to two hours and will explore one of the following: the Art of Muay Thai, Qigong (Breathing, Still & Moving Meditation), and Fury & Ice Flow, as possibly some Strength & Conditioning exercises that tie into improving one of the previously listed experiences. 

Upcoming Event (s) will be listed below as well as the breakdown and cost for each particular event.


Wellness Adventure & Workshop
$ 40
One Time Cost